Cimarron County Sheriff Oklahoma

409 N Logan
Boise City, OK 73933

For emergencies dial 911
Office: (580) 544-2020

Inmate Services

Commissary & Visitation

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Commissary orders must be received by Tuesday at 4:30 PM and is distributed on Fridays.

Inmates rely heavily on contact with family and friends while in custody. Family and friends may visit an inmate in-person, call an inmate, or mail an inmate in custody at Cimarron County Sheriff's Office.

Phone Visitation

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Inmates are limited to 15-minute phone calls. Calling features such as three-way calling and call forwarding are forbidden for the inmates to use.

Phone services for the Cimarron County Sheriff's Office are provided by City TeleCoin, Inc. To add minutes to an inmate's calling card or to purchase calling cards call 1-800-682-0707 or go to City TeleCoin .

In-Person Visitation

Inmates are allowed to get visitors. Visitation is no-contact. Inmate must be in good standing to receive visitation time.

Visitation is M-F 9-5 by appointment with a limit of 20 minutes per person. Valid Identification is required to visit inmates. Person(s) traveling extreme distances may make requests for visitation outside of standard visitation hours to accommodate.

Visitation Rules:

All visitors of the Cimarron County Detention Center are required to abide by the following rules:

The following clothing is not allowed:
No tube tops, see through mesh material, short shorts, micro mini skirts, tank tops, backless or sleeveless tops, midriff or cutoff shirts, no bathing suits.
In addition, any clothing that is excessively provocative or which promotes violence, hate, drug use, profanity, sex acts or gangs is not allowed. All visitors for onsite visitation are also required to wear footwear (shoes, sandals or boots).