Let me first say we are an Office of the people.  That said I feel it is important to provide information regarding the below-listed incident to avoid rumor and misinformation:

On 05/05/2021, former Cimarron County employee Dustin Cox, self surrendered to the Cimarron County Sheriff's Office for the charge of  21-1451, Embezzlement for which he was arrested, booked, and has pled guilty.


The above-listed arrest stems from an internal investigation of missing inmate funds during the time of employment with the Office. This investigation was conducted with Cimarron County Sheriff Office and OSBI working in conjunction to reach a resolution. 


I would like to thank OSBI for their efforts as we made sure to conduct a transparent and impartial investigation.

I will make this statement to you, as the citizens of Cimarron County:


The standards and accountability of this Office will be held to a high level.  I will not tolerate the people trusted to protect our public committing crimes against any person no matter their position in the community. We are not above scrutiny, investigation, or arrest. We are trusted to be accountable, honorable, and beyond reproach. It is our duty to speak for those who have been victimized when they can no longer speak for themselves.  That cannot be done when we ourselves cannot be trusted and actions like the ones listed above only seek to destroy trust.


I tell every person I have hired that they are trusted to work on the Law Enforcement side of our Office every day. However, if you commit crimes and victimize any member of the community you will start your shift on one side of this house and end your shift on the other. We are the gatekeepers of order and law and we are here to be servants of our community.


Sheriff Mike Berguetski