The Cimarron County Sheriff's Office reached out to the United States Deputy Sheriff's Association for a second year and again they were gracious enough to provide us with some amazing and useful items at no cost to the citizens of Cimarron County.

    This year we made the request and received the following items:

  •  Lifesaving trauma kits that have numerous items for rapid treatment during critical injury situations.
  • A Flir Scout TK outdoor thermal vision system which will provide much-needed eyes in the dark for not only locating wanted persons during ground searches but also would have been invaluable had we had a system like this during last year's multi-day search for a subject needing medical attention near the area of US287/ Cimarron River.
  • A Spike-Devil tire deflation system which will help bring safer resolution to high-risk pursuits reducing the overall risk to the community.

These items are invaluable when made available to Offices like ours here in Cimarron County and I would like to express my deepest thanks to the USDSA for its contribution to bettering the daily operations here in our County.


Thank you,

Sheriff Michael Berguetski